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22 October 1999
In answer to some questions on the subject of the closure of WVS, please allow me to clarify:
  • Although WVS will not be trading as before as a business, the site will remain open as a database.
  • I will still trade and sell tapes, as and when I have spares, but on a private basis. The main effect of this is that I will no longer be able to accept Visa payments or take reservations for out-of-stock items. I will also only deal in ex-rental tapes - selling retail tapes was an experiment which showed that it is actually not worth the effort for a small, part-time mail-order business (well, it wasn't for me anyway!).
  • When I've finally got things sorted out I'll start adding more tapes and data to the database and begin trading again as described. The homepage will let you know when this happens.
  • One final point, now that I'm no longer accepting Visa there is no reason to use a secure server for the order form (they actually chew up a lot of valuable internet bandwidth) which is therefore being moved onto the normal site - it may, however, experience a few hiccups in the process. It should be ready by Saturday 23rd October.
  • Thanks again to all my customers and also to those who just use the site as a database - it's nice to know I'm able to give something back to the web community. :o)

17 October 1999
The final clearance sale is now in its final stages! All remaining tapes are only NLG 10 each! (That's about US $5.00!)

10 October 1999
The final clearance sale has the following conditions:
  • Only cash and International Money/Bank Orders will be accepted as payment. Visa can no longer be used.
  • Payment must be received within 7 days of placing the order.
  • The database may be very out-of-date, please bear this in mind when ordering. You will be told by e-mail which items are still in-stock.
Many thanks again for your support and custom.

11 August 1999
The sale is now over! Many thanks to all those who participated.

Due to illness the site has not been updated for some time and orders have not been processed - apologies for this. Backlogged orders are now being processed as quickly as possible. However, in order for me to get some much-needed rest, WVS will be temporarily closed for business until the Autumn (that's fall for Americans!). The database will remain available for persusal should anybody be finding it useful.

14 July 1999
We're having another clearance sale!

In order to clear space after rebuilding work and allow new stock to be purchased, all ex-rental videos are now at 50% off! Hurry though, this sale applies only to items currently in stock (not for reservations) and is strictly while stocks last (and please note that the database may get out-of-date very quickly during this sale)!

The sale ends Friday 23rd July!

1 July 1999
Profuse apologies to everybody waiting for orders to be processed and/or shipped. Major building and redecorating work means most of the stock is stacked out of reach. We hope to have all orders shipped by Friday.

6 June 1999
Unfortunately, due to lack of interest and difficulties with supply, we will no longer be stocking retail VHS, Laserdiscs or DVDs from EC Entertainment, Spaventoso, or Vipco. Current stocks of these items have been reduced in price to clear - once they are gone we will not be re-stocking them. All outstanding orders will be filled. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

18 May 1999
Recent Additions:

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (John McNaughton) Uncut Dutch retail release of this serial killer classic.
True Romance (Tony Scott) Uncut (Director's cut) Dutch retail release of this Tarantino-scripted violent thriller.

09 May 1999
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is now available on Region-free DVD!

This special remastered 25th Anniversary release is presented Widescreen and with Dolby stereo surround sound. English spoken, it is subtitled in French, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish and Dutch. This release is also available on PAL VHS.

Other Recent Additions:

Sadomania (Jess Franco) Letterboxed, Danish retail release of this Franco sleaze classic!
Hell Night (Tom de Simone) Dutch Ex-Rental tape of this moderate slasher.
House of Evil/House on Sorority Row (Mark Rosman) Dutch Ex-Rental tape of this effective college dorm slasher.
Demented (Arthur Jeffreys) Dutch Ex-Rental tape of this I Spit on Your Grave wannabe.

03 May 1999
This sale is now over!

In order to allow for the time it takes Usenet messages to propogate to all news servers, the weekend sale has been extended until Friday 7th May!

30 April 1999
This sale is now over!

We are having a special weekend sale!

Until Midnight on Friday 7th May, the following special offers are available:

Retail Videos:

The New York Ripper (Lucio Fulci) Usually NLG 49.95, Now NLG 44.95!
Zombi 2/Zombie Flesh Eaters (Lucio Fulci), LBX Usually NLG 49.95, Now NLG 44.95!
The House by the Cemetery (Lucio Fulci) Usually NLG 49.95, Now NLG 44.95!
Cannibal Holocaust (Ruggero Deodato), LBX Usually NLG 49.95, Now NLG 44.95!
I Spit on Your Grave (Meir Zarchi) Usually NLG 49.95, Now NLG 44.95!
Bloody Moon (Jess Franco), LBX Usually NLG 59.95, Now NLG 49.95!
Emanuelle in America (Joe d'Amato), LBX Usually NLG 49.95, Now NLG 39.95!


All ex-rental tapes are 20% off! The tapes will be listed at their usual price with the deductions being shown in the Shopping Cart. The Order Form will then automatically display the reduced price.

Note: These offers are valid only while stocks last and will not apply to reservations or to retail videos which are not currently in stock. So hurry!!!

Also note that these deductions are in addition to the automatic 17.5% tax discount which you receive if you are ordering from outside the European Community!

24 April 1999
By popular demand we should finally get around to listing recent additions to the database in the news section sometime next week...

07 April 1999
As you may notice, our Laserdisc and DVD selection is sorely limited. We are currently negotiating sources for these and will be stocking them as soon as we can. We also plan to stock CD soundtracks in the near future.

One quick reminder: If you are looking for a film and can't see it listed, please ask! We may be able to track it down for you.

Finally in this first (and short!) news section, we are looking for contacts in various regions who can supply us with both new (retail) and ex-rental VHS tapes. At the moment we are particularly interested in contacts in the following countries: Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Israel and Japan. Other potential contacts are of course welcome to get in touch.

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