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Prices are shown in Dutch guilders (NLG) and include BTW (VAT) at 17.5%.

Customers outside the European Union may deduct the BTW content as this is not payable when goods are exported outside the EU. If you order using the Shopping Cart, this deduction will be made automatically after you submit the order. If you are not using the Shopping Cart, this deduction will be made when the order is processed.

Prices may change without notice but such changes will not effect any transaction currently in progress.

Contacting Us
By far the easiest manner in which to contact us is via e-mail to either infos@w-v-s.nl or sales@w-v-s.nl.

You may also fax us orders or questions on +31 26 445 0436.

As a last resort we can also be reached by telephone on +31 26 445 0419. We kindly request that you only contact us by telephone if the matter is urgent as we only have one telephone line!

Films Versions and Cuts
Films marked as UNCUT are uncut as far as we know. This is very tricky to determine in some cases and if we make a mistake and sell you a cut film which we describe as uncut we will of course take it back and refund you. If you know for a fact that a film we advertise as uncut is cut, please e-mail us at corrections@w-v-s.nl and let us know.

If two different releases of a film are both described as uncut but have different running times, this is usually due to different credit lengths or minor print jumps.

Film Information
Every film that we carry is listed with the following general information:

Director:The director or directors of the film.
Cast:The principle cast members of the film.
Year:The year the film was made (usually the year the film was completed).
Country:The country or countries of origin of the film.
Genre:The genre of the film.
Description:If present, a brief description of the film. May be slightly biased. :o)

The releases of the films that we carry are displayed in various sections:

Release Tabs
This is the row of tabs along the top of the release section which allow you to select a release. The tabs show the release's country of origin, the distributor (label) and the format. Selecting one of the tabs will display that release in detail in the lower part of the release section. The release currently being displayed is denoted by having it's tab drawn in the same color as the section background and the country in bold type.

The release's sleeve or cover will be displayed in the left part of the release section if available.

The release's format information will be displayed in the upper right part of the release section and my contain any of the following:

VHSThe item is a VHS tape for the system shown (PAL, NTSC or SECAM).
LaserdiscThe item is a laserdics for the system shown (PAL or NTSC).
DVDThe item is a DVD for the system shown (PAL or NTSC).
UncutThe film is known to be uncut. Films without this logo may be uncut but we're not absolutely certain.
Ultra-Gore!The film is known to be uncut and extremely gory!
WidescreenThe film is presented in widescreen format.

Price and Order Button
The price if the item will be displayed in the lower right part of the release section, together with an Order or Reserve button to enable you to add the item to your Shopping Cart. This button will only be available if you have Cookies enabled on your browser.

Further Information
The lower part of the release section contains a table with the following additional information:

Language:The spoken language.
Subtitles:The language(s) of the subtitles if present. In the cases of DVDs and laserdiscs, these may be optional.
Order Code:Our order code for the item.
Ratio:The aspect ratio in which the release is presented.
Time:The running time of the release. If specified in the form MMmSSs the film has been timed by us and is MM minutes and SS seconds long. If specified in the form MMm the film has not been timed by us and is approximately MM minutes long.
Delivery:The delivery time for the item. See Stock Levels and Delivery Times for details.
Notes:If present, remarks about the release.

Any informations listed as '?' or left blank are either unknown or have not yet been updated.

Although every care has been taken to ensure the validity of the information displayed, mistakes may be present. As with cuts information, if you spot any mistakes please e-mail us at corrections@w-v-s.nl and let us know.

Stock Levels and Delivery Times
Every item we carry is listed with a Delivery Time. This is the length of time it will normally take from the time we receive your payment to the time the item is dispatched. Items which are in stock are usually dispatched within 24 Hours (on a business day). If you e-mail, phone or fax a credit card order, this means that in-stock items will normally be dispatched the next business day!

New items which are out of stock will be listed with a delivery time from a few days to a few weeks, depending on source. You may buy these items as normal and they will be shipped to you as soon as we get them in.

Ex-rental tapes which are out of stock will be listed with an unknown delivery time. We cannot say when, or even if, we will get them again. These tapes may be reserved and you will be notified if and when we get new stock. Please do not send payment for a reserved tape until we have the tape in stock. If paying by credit card, your credit card will not be charged until the tape has arrived and you have confirmed that you still want it.

Please note that although stock information is usually up-to-date, we can't guarentee this. If you order an item which is listed as being in stock (24 hours delivery time) and the item is out of stock when the order is processed, you will be notified of this and asked if you wish to order it (if a new item) and have it shipped as soon as it arrives, reserve it (if an ex-rental tape) or cancel that part of the order.

Films not Listed
We buy and sell a lot of old rental tapes. If there is a film you want which is not listed, please ask stating the film's name and any known alternatives and the director's name (with aliases if known). The year of production and/or cast members would be useful too. We will try and locate the film for you.

If the film is definately available (ie. has been released in a country from which we source tapes and we know about it), we will let you know the average waiting time before we find it. If we don't know about the availability we will tell you this too - it just means we have no idea if or when we will be able to find it.

Please always remember that all waiting times will be approximate (and pretty much guesses in some cases) - It could take several months for a tape to be found, if at all. Please let us know if you change your mind and no longer wish to wait - It's not nice to find a tape for someone only to find it's been obtained elsewhere without our having been told!

Used Ex-Rental Tape Condition
Please remember that used ex-rental tapes are unlikely to be in pristine condition. Dog-eared and slightly torn covers and stickers on the tapes and covers are par for the course. If you only want a mint copy of an ex-rental tape, please say so but remember that such a thing may not even exist anymore!

We also cannot check every tape all the way through, there just isn't enough time. We always check the first few minutes of each tape and use this to determine what state it's in. If it's very worn we will normally not offer it for sale but if it's the only copy of a film we have and it's one you want we will let you know. Most tapes are slightly worn to excellent condition but time constraints mean we can't individually grade them all.

Returns and Refunds
If you find a defect in the tape, for example, it's chewed, please e-mail us at complaints@w-v-s.nl and we will replace it or refund your money. In the case of used ex-rental tapes, minor scratches or crinkles on the tape are to be expected, so please remember this when ordering. We can't replace an ex-rental tape if the only problem is a 1/2 second dropout or line.

As with covers, if the tape quality must be mint with little or no wear, please tell us when ordering or reserving. Just don't hold your breath waiting for it to be found, especially if it was released in the 1970's!

Customs Duties
All quoted prices are exclusive of possible customs duties. If you are outside of the EC you may have to pay these when the items are delivered.

Customs Seizures
As much as we would like to help in such cases, we cannot be held responsible for tapes seized by your country's customs or other law-enforcement officers. You order at your own risk. We will of course let you know if a film you have asked for has been seized by your country's customs in the past. You can then decide if it's worth the risk.

Trading and Selling Us Films
We are always willing to trade films if you have something we want! My personal likes are for Italian crime, gialli and horror films, particularly from the late 60's/70's/early 80's. If you have any of this sort of thing available (particularly, but not exclusively, from any country from which we don't currently source), or you can get them, please e-mail us details at buy@w-v-s.nl. We will also buy films from you if we have nothing you want. We are interested in PAL and NTSC formats - we will only be interested in French SECAM tapes if they are particularly rare. You can always offer them though.

We only ever distribute, and trade for, ORIGINAL PRE-RECORDED tapes. We are not interested in copies (dupes) no matter how good they are!

Please note that some so-called "new retail" tapes on offer in Holland are pirate copies. We do not, and will not, sell these tapes. This applies especially, but not only, to films on the Video for Pleasure label. This label ceased trading in July 1996 and doesn't produce anything anymore!

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